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Testimonails From Successful Clients

These photos have been scanned and adjusted from original photographs for best clarity, or have been recived via email. All photos came to us from clients and none were manipulated or graphically enhanced. Our program works, there is no need to use trick photgraphy like others.

Testimonial From OX
I came to this site to strengthen my erections. After I fixed that, I started working out a bit harder to increase my penis size. I started with a nice 5.5" long penis and after a year on this program I had a nice 7.25" long penis. Like anything else in life it takes dedication. You want a big penis, you have to work on it. You want a six-pack of Abs, get off your lazy ass and work out. Same principal two different goals.
Please DO NOT use my real name. You may use my nickname: OX

  • OX's penis in a flaccid state:
    - 3 days on the program (pic1)
    - 1 year on the program (pic2)

    OX's erect penis: 3 days on the program

    OX's erect penis: 1 year on the program

  • P.S.: The before and after pictures I submitted are in this testimonial email. My before-erect picture you can see I did not have erections very well, they were quite difficult to achieve. Lots of overtime and stress basically killed my sex drive, and erections were pretty much worthless. After my training began my erections became hard as steel as you can see in my after-erect picture. My before and after flaccid pictures speak for themselves as well. This system has truly changed my life, I would recomend it to anyone. Thank you.

    Testimonial from "Jason Spears"
    Just wanted to send you this e-mail to let you know that I think your program is absolutely wonderful, my wife thinks so too! In 3 months I've gained 1.5" in length, much thickness, and muscularity that my penis never possessed before. I attached a snap shot of myself after "working out" with my digital cam, I hope you put it on your website for all to see. Well, that's about it, your program is great and I hope many other find out as well. Thanks a lot!
    Your friend, Jason Spears
    Our Response to Mr. Spears:
    Sounds like you are really on your way! You look like you have quite a nice size, especially compared to an average sized penis. Anyway, thanks for your e-mail and I will add it to our testimonials section. Thanks!

    Testimonial from "Jay Powell"
    Hi, this is Jay Powell from ---------, and just wanted to e-mail you with a pic I took off the quickcam last night. I've been on the program for 2 months now, and my erections are like STEEL, just as promised! And, even though I can't believe it, my penis actually feels and looks bigger. I'm going to start spending more time on the enlargement exercise now that I know it works. This is exciting and just wanted to share my excitement with you. Thanks for the info, my penis is actually looking muscular like your website speaks about, I never belived this was possible but I sure am glad I was wrong! Thanks!
    Our Response to Mr. Powell:
    Sounds like you've got yourself started on the right foot! Keep it up! You'll thank us in the long run when all of your friends need Viagra and you'll be performing like you're 20! Thanks for the e-mail, take care!

    Testimonial from "Scott & Theresa Mcartney"
    I just wanted to drop you guys a line and a pic of myself after I've been on your program for a while. I've been doing your program since May 1st, and it's been quite a time since. Before your program I measured about 6.5" erect, and had very poor stamina and erection strength. For 2 1/2 months I've exercised as outlined in the program, not missing even one session for anything. I even did them daily when My wife and I took a vacation to Florida in July, and she actually enjoys watching me perform the techniques.

    Now, presently I measure 7.5" fully erect, and my erections are so hard and strong now my wife says it's like I have a totally different penis all together! You can't understand what this means to us, our sex life was going downhill until I started your program. Now, it's like we were in college again! Thank you so much, and I will continue to do your methods until my wife tells me otherwise (wink wink). Thanks again and keep up the good work, all men need this info.

    Our Response to Mr. Mcartney:
    Terrific! We love these kind of letters, It really means a lot to us when customers care enough to tell us what they think of our program. Keep up the good work, and take care.

    Testimonial from "Seth Vanburen"
    My name is Seth Vanburen, and on the 12th of June I ordered your Penis Enlargement program, and just wanted to tell you about my progress so far. It's been almost 3 months, and I can't believe the difference already. Before starting your program, I measured 6.5" from base to tip, now, after 7 weeks of exercises I have gained nearly 1.75" in length! Also, I am quite a bit thicker than before as well. By this rate I'll be over 9" in a few months. Thanks to your program I am adding confidence to myself every day I do your work out. Thank you for your program, It's great! The picture I sent you is proof of my progress, I took it 10 minutes after exercising so I may seem a little "tired". Overall I give your program 4 stars for excellence! Take care and feel free to use this on your website! Thanks again! 8.25" and growing!
    Our Response to Mr. Vanburen:
    Excellent gain so far! We definitely will add this to our testimonials section. Constant work will pay off, and you're living proof. It's funny how many men think that this program can't work for them, but a penis is a penis, if it works for one man it will work for another. Keep it up and I'm sure you will accomplish your goal of 89in less than 2 months. Thank you for the e-mail, and I hope you write us again at a later date to tell us of your progress. Thanks and take care.

    Testimonial from "Gregory Ledford"
    Hello, my name is Gregory Ledford and I'm from ---------. I ordered your Penis program on the 21st of November 1998, and just wanted to tell you and show you my progress & gains so far, which have REALLY surprised me. Before I started your program I was average, measuring 6.5 inches erect and 4 inches flaccid. I really wanted to enlarge my penis even more because my girlfriend at the time stated that she loved larger sized men, and her boyfriend before was larger than I was. This really made me feel inferior, and I was determined to do something about it. I focused on your methods right from the start, following the directions outlined. It has now been 8 months since I started, and now can hang nearly 6 inches flaccid and a MUCH larger 8.2" in length erect, also 6" in circumference. It has been a great & exciting time strengthening and developing my penis, and the gains eventually came just as you promised. It's absolutely amazing just how effective your simple exercises are to do. Simply amazing. Thank you once again and please, feel free to use my testimonial and picture on your site in the future. Thank you again from the snowy north!
    Our Response to Mr. Ledford:
    Wow! Looks like you have something to show. Your present size is found only on 1 in 75,000 men. That's quite a size! We can't believe your girlfriend wanted you bigger, 6.5 to 7 inches is a very desired size among men. Either way, you are quite lucky and we are glad that you informed us of your great success from our Program. Do us a favor and tell your friends about us if you'd like to reward us. Men like yourself keep us in business and help spread the word about penis enhancement that works. Keep it up and take care.

    Testimonial from "Bill Werner"
    Hello, I hope everything is good with you, as it has been great for me! Your exercises are absolutely wonderful! This is the 6th month on your program and I'm continually seeing results the more I use them! It's great! I think you guys should be very proud of yourselves, designing a program with so many benefits, especially with such a demand out there. I know for a fact if every man on earth knew about the power in this program, you'd have them beating down your door for the information! Currently, I'm at 8.5" fully erect, 2.25" more than what I started with! As you can see in the picture I sent you, my penis is very tired from a vigorous exercising. I hope you like the letter I sent you, and once again THANK YOU for designing this powerful program! We need it!
    Our Response to Mr. Werner:
    Amazing size! We're amazed how many men desire sizes over 8", that's incredible. I'm glad to see you are happy with our program, and hope you feel it was money well spent! Keep up the good work, and please, write to us any time you feel like it! We never get tired of being complimented. Take care of yourself, and God Bless.

    Testimonial from "Taymal"
    Hello, my name is Taymal and I'm from Argentina. I am writing to you to thank you for such a great and powerful program, one that has changed my life. My wife and I have had a horrible sex life, mostly due to my impotence. When I came to your website the first time, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I gained access to your progam and began right away. It has been 5 months since this day, and the developing that I've done in that amount of time is absolutely incredible. I have completely cured my impotence altogether, something even my doctor wanted to know how I did it. I am more confident, healthier, and my penis is also much larger now, measuring 7.2" erect. My marriage has improved dramatically as well, something I couldn't improve before your manual. It's amazing what a healthy sex life can do for your marriage. Thank you for compiling this type of information for men like myself. My erections are so hard now I swear I think I'm dreaming at times, just like teh adukt movies! Perseverance has definitely paid off. You are all great, thank you so much for changing my life!
    Our Response to Taymal:
    Your e-mail made this whole endeavor worth every penny we've sank into it. Thank you for this powerful e-mail, men like yourself make us successful. Take care.

    Testimonial from "GC"
    Hi guys, wanted to send a pic for you to add in the testimonials section. You can use the pic but please leave my name out for privacy reasons. I started about 1 1/2 months ago and since then I have gained 3/4 of an inch in length and about .5" in girth. I also have much more sensation during intercourse, which really tells me something is working! I am presently 7" and started at about 6.3", so everything's going great! I'll keep you posted on my progress! Thanks, this information is a MUST HAVE!!!.
    Our Response to GC:
    Great progress so far! We really appreciate the pic for our website, it will surely add to the rest. Keep up your training. Take care.

    Testimonial from "Richard S. Dallas, TX"
    Got to tell ya I really was impressed with the results after a month - I didn't have any problems to speak of but was interested in improving my control and size. I went from a 6.5/7.0" length to a full 8.0" - the big deal was not the size increase but the improved circulation I received - the head increased a full inch in diameter and along with this more enjoyment with every stroke as it is hyper sensitive when erect due to the increased surface area.

    The program was worth every penny - I feel sorry for those that don't know about this information.

    Testimonial from "Terry E"
    I started your program June 13, 1999, and have missed only 1 week of exercises since beginning. In 3 months my penis size has increased from 6" base to tip to 7.75 inches base to tip. The diameter has increased from 5 1/4" to 5.75". When my penis is straight it actually is 8 inches long. The procedures you have provided have worked beyond my expectations. I anticipate that a 10 inch penis is possible within the next 3-4 months. Patience and persistence is the key to this exericise program. Never quit....Thanks for the information....

    Testimonial from "A very satisfied customer"
    Dear Sir, It was a blessing for me to get access to your site. The information I read and applied (Yes it really works) was worth investing for. I started my program on 30.09.99 and let me tell you I could see a difference in just three days. The program has instilled a confidence which was lacking before. Maybe I could think of getting into a relationship..................

    Testimonial from "Cecil Young"
    I ordered the program in May 1999. The results are astounding, growing from 6.0 to 7.5 inch in two months. I hope to reach 9.0 in a year. The girth grew from 5.0 to 5.75 inches and my goal is a girth of 7 inches at full steel-like erection. My wife is very pleased and continually wants to make love! You are great for having such a program!

    Testimonial from "Manterio Umstead "
    Hello, I want to start out by saying thank you for your website and manual. I ordered my manual on Sept.9th but, I didn't get started right away. Now almost 3 months later I have noticed a difference in the length and girth of my penis by about 1 in. I started out just under 6in at 5 3/4in, now I'm at 6 3/4.

    Thanks again, Manterio Umstead

    P.S. I plan on sending you a picture of my results when I reach my goal. Thanks!

    Testimonial from "GoldenWolf Sr."
    Hello guys, I've been with the program aprox 2 years. I,ve been doing the program a little slower than they show, but the results are from 3" hard and about 1.5 girth to 6.5" hard to 3" girth. I have never known my wife of 24 years to moan, but now she does. this program works!! I'm 41 years of age, my wife is 42, I just wish I knew this program 20 years ago. I'm anticipating reaching a goal of 9" and a girth of 4" someday soon. hope my wife can handle it.

    Testimonial from "Jake, CT"

    I just wanted to tell all of you that this program really does work. I was pretty skeptical when I first signed up for it, but all skepticism is GONE! I had been using the program on and off for the first 2 months I've been a member. As of the last two weeks, I have uped my excercising and have noticed quite an improvement. In the beginning, I measured myself out at 5.75 inches erect and am now at about 6 1/8 erect. Because I am lacking an accurate way to measure girth, so, I am not sure of the gains there. As far as flaccid, I have also seen improvement. Not as drastic as erect, but a gain of 1/4 of an inch has been established so far, taking me from 3.75 to an even 4 inches! To say that I intend to stick with the program is a complete UNDERSTATEMENT! I just can't believe the gains, but am VERY pleased.

    With that said, I want to thank you for such a wonderful program that actually WORKS! Thank you again.

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